Sunday, March 28, 2010

When In Rome

A Vespa 400 looking very similar to the one in the previous post makes an appearance in the movie "When In Rome". 2:41 into the trailer you can see it being driven. I saw the movie in the theater and it wasn't too bad. Although the whole plot and some of the jokes are shown in the preview.

It was kind of weird to see the car in the movie and have to wonder how anyone involved would have known about them. It would have been much easier to find a Fiat 500 or something. A scooter has become shorthand for a scene in Italy; Just an old street, a scooter and presto, Rome.  The jokes on them because although being called a Vespa, the 400 it was made in France.

Fiat Press Office/ AP
This is an Italian FIAT Cinquecento (500)

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